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Wine, Culinary, and Cultural Adventures to Stir Your Soul

–by Susan Hammond

The travel consultants at Endless Travel and our trusted travel suppliers, who are food and wine-obsessed curators of uncommon epicurean and wine adventures, want to help you explore the world and all of its edible wonders. We believe that you can capture the very essence of a destination by delving into its wine and cuisine.
Let us introduce you to local chefs, artisanal producers, time-honored culinary traditions, street vendors and Michelin-Starred restaurants. We want to take you inside family farms, orchards, food markets, vineyards and wineries, bakeries, gourmet groceries, and kitchens that help you hone your own cooking skills. Each adventure is designed to include iconic landmarks and cultural highlights as well as the finest hotel properties for a truly fulfilling travel experience.

artisian cinnamon rollsFor instance, they call Nashville the Music City, but there’s so much more to Nashville than country music. It’s one of the hottest culinary destinations of the moment with a slew of bright, young chefs turning out fresh takes on regional classics. There’s the signature ‘hot chicken’—you could learn how to make it in a class taught by a local chef. Enjoy wood-smoked barbecue brisket and taste southern delights on a walking tour of the historic Germantown section of  Nashville. And don’t forget, you can quench your thirst at Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery and satisfy your sweet tooth at the Goo Goo Cluster Shop, where the famous sweets are made right before your eyes. Amazin’, y’all!

There are fascinating museums to be discovered in its labyrinth of medieval streets.

I know you all have heard of the amazing food and wine in the Tuscany region of Italy. However, I really enjoyed the Piemonte area, which is the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement (opposite of fast food) and is famous for its white truffles, creamy cheeses, elegant wines and rich chocolates. It also boasts picturesque hill towns, elegant cities and stunning mountain vistas. You can visit opulent baroque cafes in Turin, bustling produce markets, hunt for truffles in Alba, meet winemakers and make some of the regional specialties such as vitello tonnato and ravioli del Plin.

Piemonte, which means “foot of the mountain,” is rightfully named, as many of its premier vineyards are at the foot of the Alps. When you think of Piemonte, several of the most notable and well-recognized wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, and Dolcetto come to mind.

For those younger at heart, beautiful, cosmopolitan, and quirky Barcelona is the capital of Spain’s Catalunya region, and is a favorite for foodies who adore its avant-garde chocolate shops, traditional granjas (milk bars) and, of course, its sparkling Cava. Ahh, long lunches and romantic late night dinners. Barcelona boasts a wealth of artisanal foods and one of Europe’s most vibrant markets, La Boqueria, where at dawn, chefs choosing colorful produce meet and mingle with hipsters, just out of El Born’s pulsating clubs, seeking breakfast. A bustling cruise port poised on the Mediterranean Sea, this amazing city—Gothic and Modernist—has been home to world-famous artists (Picasso’s first exhibition was held in a legendary cafe there). Many of its magnificent buildings are the work of its own architect, the talented Antonio Gaudi. There are fascinating museums to be discovered in its labyrinth of medieval streets. Combine that with seductive shopping, people watching and all the tapas you’ve dreamed about.

clamsThinking about a girls’ trip? Ahh, the Hamptons… just a hop, skip and a jump from the chaos of New York City, these beautiful beach communities are a blissful world away from the concrete jungle. Experience this marvelous seaside destination as the cognoscenti do: filled with fresh, seasonal foods, and fine, local wines. With our help, you can stay at a historic inn, experience hands-on cooking classes and visit one of New York State’s most lauded wineries, Wolffer Estate, located on a former potato farm. With its old farmhouse and boarding stables, it breathes old-world charm. Plus, a must-see, in my opinion, is an afternoon tour of an artisanal dairy specializing in raw farmstead cheeses made from its herd of Jersey cows.

Endless Travel is dedicated to providing the extraordinary ‘life experience’ one finds tasting, discovering and adventuring with wine and food. Nothing is more fun and memorable than traveling with likeminded friends—especially when they love wine and great food. We know that sophisticated travelers love to rediscover their favorite cultural and historical centers—to revel in past haunts or experience what’s new or what had escaped them on prior visits.

We are your local advisors assisting you in planning your next wine and culinary adventure, providing you access to the local knowledge—from the geology and history, expert wine and cuisine commentary, and insider information. Our goal is to provide the colorful context for a most meaningful and personal experience.

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