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Now we understand at Endless Travel that not every bride and groom to be will want a destination wedding but let me tell you we are seeing many more each year than ever before. Why? Well several reasons; first it makes the overall process much less hectic for everyone, especially the bride-to-be. Normally, once we determine the destination for the wedding, then we can assign an on-site wedding coordinator. This person does virtually all the planning from the location, from the time of the wedding, to flowers, videographer, and food and on and on. All those individual details the bride-to-be has to plan are in all one location with a professional to do the nuts and bolts for the special couple.

Second, you can save a great deal of money also, as most times the honeymoon can be in the same location after the family and friends have departed. Nearly all resorts have spas so getting the nails done or hair is only steps away from your chosen accommodations.

Thirdly, the bride-and-groom-to-be can enjoy their out of town guests with much more quality time. Since all the plans will be done prior to the arrival at the wedding destination, this leaves a much relaxed feeling to a normally very stressful time.

So, let the experts at Endless Travel take the stress out of this ever-so-important first step of the rest of your life together.


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