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--by Sheryl Fick

With travel on the rise and a very large planet to choose from, how does the average person decide what is on their bucket list, and how do they go about fulfilling that dream?

Of course there is the internet, a vast array of so many choices that very soon the process of doing it yourself is simply overwhelming, and how is a person to know what is truly a great value or not? Well here at Endless Travel, this is what we do for you. This is our job, but more, it is our passion! We know how to weed through what you may find. In fact, we only use our preferred wholesalers; these are companies we as travel professionals work with to ensure your adventure travel experience is more than a guessing game online. So let’s talk about a company we use for out of the box adventure travel. This is the essence of G Adventures!

highest glacier in AlaskaG Adventures is a company with over 20 years of out of the ordinary travel experiences for all travelers. I did say “all travelers” because they have various and very specific categories for any traveler worldwide. They offer a very unusual mission statement: “We offer off the beaten path, meaningful, local and very small group travel for ages 4 years old and up to 99.” How can a company do this? Let’s discuss why and how they can.

First, G Adventures in NOT a normal travel escorted wholesaler. They have the following categories so every person can fit into a perfect situation for them personally.

Here is how they do this:

Classic – somewhere between backpacking and a traditional escorted group is where this falls into place.

Comfort – for a more mature traveler, but not necessarily based on age, a person who likes a bit of frills and the finer things in life and travel.

Active – the traveler that likes to hike, bike, climb, and do multiple sports on vacation.

Yolo – this is the youthful client, younger and fast paced. Forget sleep—that can be done much later in life.

Marine – whether an experienced sailor or a landlubber, this group likes water and anywhere in the world water.

Family – starting at age 4, travel with parents, grandparents or other family members for an out-of-the-box multifamily experience.

Local Living – perhaps a Tuscan farmhouse or an Icelandic home where you visit and learn how locals live worldwide.

Freedom is also another unique feature of G Adventures; there’s time to explore on your own.

Rail – long before airplanes, people actually enjoyed rail travel, and it still exists for a more laid back adventure.

Groups – create your own or join in a pre- planned one to meet new people and new adventures.

helicopterG Adventures does things differently! For example, they have guaranteed departures for 1-12 people. If you sign up you will go and this is unheard of in the travel industry! They can do your air or not and coordinate all the other components worldwide. Speaking of worldwide, here are just some of the places you can choose from to create your next adventure:

North or South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, New Zealand and Australia, Europe, Central America—and more than can be listed.

G Adventures use local transportation, so you travel like the locals with your personal CEO (Chief Experience Officer.) Their accommodations reflect the local character of your chosen destination. Freedom is also another unique feature of G Adventures; there’s time to explore on your own. With small groups you are assured to meet other travelers with similar interests to your own.

With G Adventures, travel is done differently. They don’t just see the world; they make it better. With their Planeterra non-profit foundation, they give back worldwide since 2003, promoting sustainable solutions and economic growth done responsibly.

Some of their experiences include local living in Mongolia, Galapogos in Depth, Exploring Morroco, a Botswana Safari or Thailand and Laos adventure... but the list goes on and on.

We at Endless Travel can assist and help you determine just the right vacation for you.

Ready for adventure?

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